Hi,  my name is Fika actually lol. My username is CuteSONE bcs i’m cute :p and i’m a SONE, a founder and head admin of supershineeshidae. Being Kpopers since 2008, From September to December 2008 i’m a Big Bang’s fangirl, i love G-Dragon and Seungri. I always remember the first time i saw them is in on TV, yeah my neighbour TV lol. They’re also love Korea things, they’re singing La La La (i think.. i’m forgot it alr) and then falling in love 😀 so after that, there’s 5 shining boys bring me into the new world of Kpop. They’re SHINee, i love them since debut with their single Noona, Neomu yeppeo, my bias is Minho^_^ well then when i open SHINee MV, i found So Nyuh Shi Dae the 9 girls with the amazing talent and natural beuaty, and i saw Sunny, she’s so cute and beatiful, i’m never seen a girl with the honest and the beatiful sound like her. I just love all the things of Sunny since they’re debuted. Being Shawol and SONE until now.

First 2010, i found Super Junior. I found the on website, actually i’m not really loved them not means i hate them, I LOVE THEM. I just focusing on SHINee and SNSD. But when i saw Heechul…. i’m falling in love. He’s so adorable and funny, and then i’m realized, i’m being ELF. so, my life is all about SHINee, SNSD and Super Junior until now. I love them and i’m promise to myself that’ll always love them.

On May 2011, i just created @SHINeeSJGG, Indonesian fanbase for SHINee, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation with my first admin Ica noona, my friends Ayu and Dila. But they’re ‘re-signing’ now. Everyday i’ve tried my best to make @SHINeeSJGG famous, promoted everywhere that i’m hiring new admin, and i found Syarifah noona, she’s so mature fans and make @SHINeeSJGG famous slowly. Thank you Onnie ^3^ for helping me always.

That’s all about me ^_^ found me on my personal acc @Fikaindp or @superchoiminho, if you want to talk to me, just follow me. But don’t except to follow back its a personal account and i’ll follow-back you if we already know each other. So don’t be shy to talk to me, i’m so friendly 🙂



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