Thank you guys who’s been with us since May 28, 11.

We really need your help, we need new admin.

we’re currently need new members to join on our team on supershineeshidae.

List of team on supershineeshidae:

  • Translator team (Korea-english, Japan-english & China/Mandarin-English)
  • Tumblr page team
  • Web designer team
  • 3S’s style/Fashion team
  • Forum team
  • Indonesian’s website team (work in here)
  • Facebook page team
  • Writer team
Choose what you wanted in order to be joining on these team.

Please click this image:

Choose ‘Indonesian’s website admin’ (if you want to be our team on wordpress or updates on @3SUpdates)

Tasks in each team:

Translated all the things that need to be trans. Like Super Junior’s tweets, SHINee’s me2day updates, SNSD’s Japan Mobile updates, etc. All of them use on Korean or Japanese languages, therefore we need you if you CAN translated all of them and for those translator team on Chi-English if you found important articles our 3S from baidu or weibo you CAN trans them ^_^

– Posting news (from @allkpop, @soompi, @koreaboo, @Gateway2Korea, and @dkpopnews) the news is related to SHINee, Super Junior and SNSD. For example: ‘SNSD wins 3 awards on MAMA’ etc. Always use this words: [NEWS] before the news tittle. For example: [NEWS] SNSD Wins 3 awards on MAMA. Always use this tag: #News and tags of the artist, ex: #SNSD #Girls’ Generation.
– Posting SHINee, Super Junior and SNSD’s updates daily.
– ALWAYS USE THIS TAG: #SNSD #Girls’ Generation (if you posting a post related to SNSD), #SHINee (if you posting a post related to SHINee), #Super Junior (if you posting a post related to Super Junior), Members name (if you posting a post related SHINee. Super Junior and SNSD’s members) For example: ‘Kyuhyun @ Masita official updates’ the ta is #Kyuhyun, #SMTown (if you posting a post that’s have SMTown artist (except/including SHINee, SNSD and Super Junior)

Join with Admin Stella on there >w<

Designer team for our website including our forum, Tumblr, and wordpress. If you can designing them, then join with Web designer Team ^_^

Those who have attraction of SHINee, Super Junior and SNSD’s fashion must be JOIN WITH this Team. you need to share the Brand, price, where we can buy it via online, and where the artists seen wear it. With the title [Soshi’s updated style 12/1/18] Just changed the Soshi with SHINee, and Super Junior if you want to post SHINee and Super Junior style. you can see the example from soshified post: Yoona style and from our Post this was share on our Tumblr and forum.  Apabila kamu ingin share disini, terlebih dahulu kamu harus menjadi member Indonesian Website Team dengan peraturan-peraturan baru lainnya seperti mengubah harga Dollar/Yen menjadi Rupiah.

  Check forum > < we need you to be our Moderators for SHINee, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation. YOU NEED TO REGISTERED ON OUR FORUM IF YOU WANT TO APPLY ON THIS TEAM

Kamu akan menjadi author disini. Apapun itu kamu harus menggunakan BAHASA INDONESIA. Kamu juga bisa online di Official Twitter Kami @3SUpdates tetapi lebih banyak updates di WordPress. Semua news, article, updates daily SHINee, Super Junior dan SNSD harus mentranslate-nya ke BAHASA INDONESIA. Twitter @3SUpdates masih membutuhkan banyak followers, Apabila kamu diterima di team ini kamu harus mempromosi-kan Twitter itu agar bisa mendapatkan 500 followers. Join dengan saya, CuteSONE atau Fika disini ^_^

Join with us on our Facebook Team, give SHINee, SNSD and Super Junior updated info everyday. Help us to growing up our fanbase on Facebook, get more than 1000 likers 😀   

Writer team often write Fanfiction of SHINee, Super Junior and SNSD on our ‘Fanfiction Books’ on our forum’. You can write article and news you get from any source on our Forum. This team is work on our Forum only 🙂 Join with us ^_^ YOU NEED TO REGISTERED ON OUR FORUM IF YOU WANT TO APPLY ON THIS TEAM

Please sent ur form as soon as possible cause we need YOU to be our newteam/admin!

– CuteSONE, founder